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Name; Bluestar
Past names; Bluekit - Bluepaw - Bluefur
Age when died; 78 Moons {6,5 years}
Cause of death; Drowned
Crookedpaw first sees Bluepaw at a Gathering, where they begin a friendly conversation, but they are often hushed by both Bluepaw and Crookedpaw's Clanmates. Bluepaw at first doesn't know who the tom is, but he introduces himself as Crookedpaw. She's at first startled by the way Crookedpaw's jaw is, but apologize's for staring when Crookedpaw starts to feel down about it. They start to talk. Bluepaw tells him who the medicine cats and leaders were, telling him that Hawkheart killed her mother, and they joke about Stonetooth, ShadowClan's retiring deputy. When a breeze ruffles the cats, Crookedpaw presses his pelt against Bluepaw's, startling her.
ThunderClan and RiverClan have a battle over Sunningrocks. Bluepaw sees Crookedpaw, thinking he's not going to attack, but Crookedpaw makes it clear that they are enemies now, lunges at her, and they end up tumbling down the side of Sunningrocks. Crookedpaw hesitates and Bluepaw swipes at his nose. Not knowing that she is missing her shot, Crookedpaw lunges at her again and this time holds her down. Bluepaw yowls in pain but Crookedpaw refuses to let go. Then Bluepaw's sister, Snowpaw, joins in the battle and fights with Bluepaw against Crookedpaw. Bluepaw and Snowpaw end up winning the fight. She is also seen at a Gathering, scowling when Oakheart jumps onto the Highrock.
Bluepaw and Crookedpaw reunite at a Gathering- Crookedpaw is now Crookedjaw, and Bluepaw is now Bluefur. Bluefur knows jokingly how Crookedjaw got his name, and when Crookedjaw questions her, she tells him that his tail's still straight, due to an earlier joke when they first met each other.
Moons pass, and Crookedjaw is now RiverClan's deputy. Crookedjaw sees her when Bluefur is on the patrol to take Sunningrocks back from RiverClan without a fight. He notices Bluefur and Whitestorm are whispering to each other. Afterward, Ottersplash voices her concerns, noticing that Oakheart was talking with her. Crookedjaw dismisses this, stating that Oakheart was probably asking Bluefur what was going on. When casually asking Oakheart about the patrol, Oakheart doesn't mention talking to Bluefur. Crookedjaw suspects that Oakheart thinks a conversation with a ThunderClan warrior wasn't worth mentioning.
Mapleshade reveals that the two kits apparently found by Graypool are Oakheart's kits, and that of a ThunderClan warrior. The leader Crookedstar questions Oakheart about this, and he admits that they are, in fact, his and Bluefur's kits, and that she gave them up to be ThunderClan deputy, since she couldn't let Thistleclaw take over the position. Crookedstar feels guilty about this, as he knew Thistleclaw was being trained in the Dark Forest, and wonders if he could've told Sunstar, enabling Bluefur to keep her kits.
Bluestar's Prophecy
Bluestar appears in the prologue during the Dog Pack's attack on ThunderClan where she saves Fireheart from the leader of the Pack by knocking him into the gorge, but she also falls in and nearly drowns. She hears Oakheart teaching her how to swim long enough to get to their kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She apologizes and soon after they forgive her, she dies shortly after talking to Fireheart-now Firestar.
Bluekit and Snowkit are born to Moonflower and Stormtail. Bluekit finally opens her eyes, after a lot of commotion from Swiftbreeze about why she hasn't, and she and Snowkit go out of the nursery for the first time, and later meet up with Patchkit and Leopardkit, who show them around camp and take them to the apprentices' den where they start to talk with Dapplepaw. Bluekit wants to explore the camp on her own, so she and Snowkit slip away and hide in the warriors' den, Stonepelt gets angry and complains that they woke him from a well-earned rest, and he quickly shoos them out of the warriors' den. Bluekit finds a lichen den shortly after a quarrel with Snowkit, and she goes into it. It appears to be Pinestar, the leader of ThunderClan's, den. Featherwhisker, the medicine cat apprentice, sees Bluekit and calls her out, and brings both her and Snowkit to the elders' den, where they talk with the elders for a while.
The next day, Moonflower takes her kits to meet Stormtail, their father. They wait in camp a long time until he comes back from hunting. He admires his kits, complimenting that they look better with their eyes open. Stormtail later starts to part from them when he announces that Pinestar wants to share prey with him. Bluekit asks if she can come too, and Stormtail growls that he had heard about the mischief in the warriors' den. After this, Snowkit and Bluekit meet Goosefeather, Moonflower's brother and the medicine cat of ThunderClan. The kits know who he is almost immediately. They drift off into conversation until Pinestar tells Moonflower he needs her. Moonflower asks Goosefeather if it's okay if he can manage them for a bit, and he replies that he can do it. Snowkit and Bluekit explore Goosefeather's den, and Snowkit swallows some poppy seeds after Bluekit dares her to. After they are discovered by a angry and worried Moonflower, Goosefeather looks over Snowkit, finds out she only swallowed two and assures Moonflower she will be okay, and just needs to sleep it off, but is still very worried. Moonflower becomes extremely agitated at this, and mutters angrily as she hauls Bluekit and Snowkit back into the nursery.
A few moons later, Bluepaw is apprenticed to Stonepelt after WindClan is caught hunting on ThunderClan territory. She asks Stonepelt if they are going hunting, doing battle practice, or going on a border patrol. Bluepaw is disappointed to find out that instead, she is assigned to fetch moss for the elders' den. Stonepelt shows her how to gather moss by extending her claws to the full length and slicing quickly. Stonepelt tells her that she's practicing useful skills which makes her more confident to complete her task. The next day Stonepelt and Sparrowpelt take their apprentices out hunting, and teach Bluepaw and Snowpaw the hunting crouch. On the way back, Bluepaw catches a huge squirrel in one try, which the Clan admires later on. When Goosefeather sees an omen on the vole that was Snowpaw's first catch, he announces to the Clan that unless they attack WindClan, they will be destroyed. Pinestar decides to attack at dawn. He tells Snowpaw and Bluepaw that they will be messengers to find and help injured cats, rather than participate in the fighting, since they haven't learned to fight yet.
On the morning of the raid, Goosefeather announces that he has seen another sign from StarClan: they must destroy WindClan's medicine supply because he found a shred of catmint on the vole's fur, which everyone thinks a piece of catmint just happened to stick to the vole, since it's not exactly clean in the medicine clearing. During the battle, Bluepaw watches uneasily and helps tend to Leopardpaw. Later, in horror, she watches Moonflower, her mother, being attacked and killed by the medicine cat, Hawkheart, who was originally a warrior. Pinestar soon calls the retreat for ThunderClan when he realizes they are losing the battle. Bluepaw runs into the WindClan camp, crouching beside Moonflower. She yells at Moonflower to wake up, but Pinestar tells her she is dead, and is in StarClan now.
Bluepaw falls into a state of depression after Moonflower's death, as she has no interest in going on patrols and speaks very little to her Clanmates. Due to the recent battle, her former mentor, Stonepelt, has retired because of a shoulder injury that wouldn't heal properly, and her new mentor is Sunfall, the ThunderClan deputy. She resents her apprentice tasks, and only after Sunfall talks to her does she begin to notice how everyone is avoiding her. At the next Gathering, Bluepaw meets Crookedpaw, a RiverClan apprentice, for the first time and they become friends. Bluepaw begins to act friendly towards her Clanmates again. She just returns to camp when they learn that RiverClan is invading Sunningrocks. At the battle, Bluepaw and Snowpaw work together to fight off Crookedpaw, and soon RiverClan are forced to retreat. However, afterwards Bluepaw is upset because she thought Crookedpaw was her friend.
Goosefeather is treating Bluepaw's wounds from a fox when he suddenly reveals a prophecy to her, saying, "Like fire, you will blaze through the forest. But beware, even the most powerful flames can be quenched by water." Not long after, Bluepaw and Snowpaw receive their warrior names, Bluefur and Snowfur. A few days after the Gathering, Pinestar tells Bluefur that he had overlooked part of her training, and that he would be taking her to the Moonstone so that he may speak with StarClan, and she would fulfill her ritual. Once they reach the Moonstone, Bluefur dreams that she is drowning in a fierce current of water.
Not long after their return, Leopardfoot begins to give birth to Pinestar's kits. The next morning, Bluefur finds that she has a horrible bellyache, but recovers soon after. Rosepaw and Sweetpaw are also ill, possibly from a mouse they shared with Bluefur, and while Rosepaw is able to recover, Sweetpaw grows sicker and eventually dies. Much to Bluefur's discontent, Snowfur continues to show strong feelings for the new warrior, Thistleclaw, who happens to be Rosepaw's and Sweetpaw's brother.
Bluefur finds the young RiverClan warrior, Oakheart, who is Crookedpaw's brother, sunning himself in ThunderClan territory. Bluefur is enraged and assaults him. He forces her into a stream, and she panics, thinking she is drowning, but Oakheart points out that she can stand on the bottom. Bluefur replies sharply to him and makes him leave. Soon she begins to think about him, even though she keeps reminding herself it's against The Warrior Code to fall in love with Oakheart, a member of rival clan. But she can't stay away from him or keep him out of her train of thought.
Rosetail finds her drenched and says she looks fanciful, much like the way Snowfur was mooning over Thistleclaw. Rosetail keeps pestering Bluefur until she snaps at her. Rosetail then tells her that Thrushpelt has had enough time to moon over Bluefur, and she is shocked because she thought of him only as a friend and Clanmate.
Snowfur brings it to Bluefur's attention that she is expecting Thistleclaw's kits. Bluefur pretends she is overjoyed, but she really is devastated at this news. Snowfur is surprised when she gives birth to only one lone kit, who she names Whitekit. Bluefur is surprised at Thistleclaw's kindness to her sister.
Bluefur finds a tuft of dog fur and brings it to the nursery for Whitekit to play with. She then coaxes Snowfur to go on a walk with her. As they walk, Snowfur finds out that Bluefur is mooning over Oakheart. She runs and Bluefur finds her observing ShadowClan warriors hunting in ThunderClan territory. They pursue them across the border and Snowfur runs out onto the Thunderpath. As Snowfur is on the Thunderpath, a monster hits and kills her at impact. Bluefur is even more devastated, similar to her emotions of Moonflower's death, and has trouble telling Whitekit. After Bluefur tells him, Whitekit cannot stay away from his dead mother's corpse. Later, Sunstar has the same kind of talk with Bluefur that he did when Moonflower died.
After Sunstar claims back Sunningrocks, Bluefur and Oakheart spend the night together at Fourtrees. After standing in the cold, she doesn't want to just sit there and do nothing, so Bluefur challenges Oakheart to a race to the top of one the four oaks. Oakheart then reveals he can't climb, and Bluefur shows him how to scale a tree. Oakheart the makes a vow to teach Bluefur how to swim. Bluefur has no interest in this, for she fears the water because of Goosefeather's prophecy. Oakheart and Bluefur then build a nest in one of the roots of the Great Oaks and sleep side by side. Bluefur becomes pregnant with their kits unknowingly.
Leopardfoot tells Bluefur that it is clear that she is expecting kits. Bluefur is unsure of how to explain it, but Thrushpelt generously offers to say he is the father, because he loves her. As Bluefur has her kits, Snowfur appears from StarClan and helps her along; she then gives birth to two daughters and a son, Mistykit, Mosskit, and Stonekit. She doesn't let Thrushpelt name them because she wants her kits to remember the river. As the deputy to Sunstar, Tawnyspots, becomes very sick and must retire soon, Bluefur realizes she must give up her kits so she can become deputy instead of Thistleclaw, who is too violent, and threatens every Clan. She leaves in the middle of the night with her kits and makes them think it's a game called "Secret Escape": they go to Sunningrocks where Oakheart is waiting.
The weather then takes a turn for the worse, and Bluefur realizes that her kits won't survive if she doesn't do something. She makes holes in the snow to try to keep her kits warm. As she moves them from hole to hole, Stonekit complains of being tired. Bluefur decides to let her kits sleep and she also dozes off. When Bluefur wakes up, she wakes up her kits. Mosskit doesn't awaken. Bluefur desperatley tries to bring her out of it but fails. She hears Snowfur, her deceased sister, telling her to let go of Mosskit. Bluefur looks up to see Mosskit talking to Snowfur with excitement as she goes to StarClan. Bluefur gives her two remaining kits, Stonekit and Mistykit, to Oakheart. This is the last time she talks to Oakheart. She buries Mosskit and tells the Clan that a fox took her kits. She acts devastated, but is even more inside.
She is then chosen to be the new deputy of ThunderClan. When Sunstar dies, she then becomes leader of ThunderClan, and chooses Redtail to be her deputy. Featherwhisker brings her to Moonstone to receive her nine lives: Pinestar, Larksong, Mumblefoot, Weedwhisker, Sweetpaw, Mosskit, Sunstar, Moonflower and Snowfur give her these lives. When Mosskit comes to give her mother a life, Bluefur says she's sorry for her death, and Mosskit simply replies that she misses her.
At the end of the book, she and Whitestorm see a kittypet named Rusty on a fence, gazing into the forest. Whitestorm remarks, after a close to successful attempt to catch and kill a bird, that it wasn't bad. The kittypet haunts Bluestar's mind, as before, Spottedleaf received a prophecy, "Fire alone can save our Clan." Bluestar thinks the kittypet might be the fire that the prophecy speaks of.
After sharing tongues with Brindleface and Lionheart, she goes to the medicine den and admits all her thoughts to Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf simply replies, "This is a choice you will not regret." She appears in the manga at the end, making Rusty an apprentice of ThunderClan.
In the Original Arc
Into the Wild
In the prologue, Bluestar is seen in the ThunderClan camp, staring at the night sky. The ThunderClan medicine cat, Spottedleaf, appears next to her and tells Bluestar that all of the cats will recover from the battle at Sunningrocks. Bluestar tells Spottedleaf she is worried, because ThunderClan hasn't lost a battle in their own territory since she became leader, and also because fewer kits have been born. While they are talking, Spottedleaf receives a message from StarClan: "Fire alone can save our Clan." At first, Bluestar is unsure about this message, but trusts Spottedleaf and her judgment, since she has never been wrong before.
Bluestar is seen with Lionheart when they meet Rusty, a kittypet, for the first time near the Twolegplace. Graypaw had fought the kittypet and is startled when Bluestar offers Rusty a place in ThunderClan. When Rusty accepts this offer, he is brought to the Clan, and after proving himself worthy by fighting Longtail and losing his collar, Bluestar names him Firepaw. She names Lionheart deputy after the death of Redtail. Before Bluestar punishes Firepaw, Firepaw tells Graypaw that Bluestar will probably make him a loner once she's done with him, but Graypaw says that Bluestar is very fair, and would never throw him out, especially since they have such an important ShadowClan cat held prisoner. She tells the Clan that she thinks that ShadowClan has driven out WindClan since their scent is in the WindClan territory. She also tells the Clan that she would take Firepaw as her apprentice. Bluestar ends up punishing Firepaw, for feeding Yellowfang, a rogue, before his Clan, by making him take care of Yellowfang while ThunderClan kept her prisoner. Bluestar tells Firepaw that he should continue his training, after a few days of taking care of Yellowfang, and tells him that she'll make sure one of the queens will take care of her.
Before ThunderClan enters the clearing into the Gathering, Bluestar tells Ravenpaw, Graypaw and Firepaw to not waste any of their time, and that this is the time to meet their enemies, and learn from them. When Brokenstar demands hunting rights from the other Clans, Bluestar refuses to agree. Later, she, Tigerclaw, Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw go to the Moonstone so she can share dreams with StarClan. Once the get there, Bluestar chooses Firepaw to go inside with her and Tigerclaw while the other apprentices wait outside. During their return, they are attacked by rats, and Bluestar loses a life, and tells Tigerclaw that she lost her fifth life. The ShadowClan cats attacked the camp in their absence, and Lionheart was killed in the battle. Bluestar names Tigerclaw the new deputy.
One day in her den, she is battle training Firepaw when she reveals that she had really lost her seventh life in the battle with the rats. Later, when Spottedleaf is killed and Frostfur's kits are taken, Bluestar sends Firepaw to retrieve Yellowfang and to question her. Soon, she sends a patrol led by Whitestorm, telling the warrior that he might meet a friend. They come back, and they revealed that they had the kits and that they drove Brokenstar and his rogues out of ShadowClan. Graypaw and Firepaw tell Bluestar that the timid apprentice Ravenpaw had died in the battle, and as much as she grieves, Bluestar gives the pair their warrior names - Graystripe and Fireheart.
Fire and Ice
Fireheart talks to Bluestar about the Sunningrocks battle and Redtail killing Oakheart, but Bluestar does not think so, and she says that a deputy should not kill another deputy. She also learns that Ravenpaw is living with a loner. At first Fireheart is worried she will be angry and try to make him return, but she says that not every cat is suited to Clan life and that she hopes he is happier with Barley than he was in the forest.
Bluestar makes sure that WindClan is found and returned to their territory by sending Fireheart and Graystripe to go bring them out of exile. She copes with many problems throughout the book, one of them being the possible threat of RiverClan and ShadowClan making an alliance with each other. She also comes down with greencough, which causes her to lose her eighth life. Tigerclaw sets a trap for her by the Thunderpath, hoping that she will die when she tries to bring a message to him. However, Cinderpaw instead falls into the trap.
Later on, it is suspected that RiverClan and ShadowClan are hunting in ThunderClan territory. RiverClan has an excuse unknown by Bluestar, but instead of ShadowClan, it turns out to be Brokenstar, the exiled former leader of ShadowClan, and his band of rogues. Brokenstar and the rogues later attacks the ThunderClan camp, but is defeated and blinded by Yellowfang. Bluestar accepts the newly named Brokentail into the Clan as a prisoner.
Forest of Secrets
Fireheart begins investigating the battle at Sunningrocks when Redtail was killed to find out about Tigerclaw, but in the process, he discovers Bluestar's greatest secret: the RiverClan warriors, Mistyfoot and Stonefur, are her kits.
When Fireheart asks what Bluestar was going to say about Brokentail at the Gathering, she said she would say nothing, because it doesn't concern the other Clans and he is ThunderClan's responsibility now. She tells both Tigerclaw and Fireheart that no one is to say anything about Brokentail or the attack of the rogue cats. However, the other Clans find out about it and declare war, and Bluestar is accused by her warriors of putting the Clan in danger.
When Graystripe and Fireheart come back from Barley's Farm to see Ravenpaw, Tigerclaw notices that they are full-fed but bring no fresh-kill, so Bluestar says that they will hunt for the Clan until the next sunrise. She appoints Mousefur and Whitestorm as the mentors of Thornpaw and Brightpaw. Bluestar denies Fireheart's accusations towards Tigerclaw and denies that Mistyfoot and Stonefur have ThunderClan blood. When Fireheart tells about some unknown rogues near Twolegplace, Bluestar tells him that sometimes she thinks he spends too much time there, but orders the patrols to keep a lookout.
Bluestar finally believes Fireheart about Tigerclaw's treachery when Tigerclaw brings the rogue cats to attack ThunderClan. While the other Clan cats are busy fighting them off, Tigerclaw slips into Bluestar's den and is about to kill her, but is stopped by Fireheart. Bluestar exiles Tigerclaw from ThunderClan, and says that if he is caught on their territory again, the warriors can kill him. She makes Fireheart her deputy, which comes much to the Clan's surprise because of his kittypet origins. However, the ceremony is after moonhigh, which is against Clan customs, and many elders think it to be a bad omen.
Rising Storm
Bluestar has become a shell of her former self after Tigerclaw's treachery, leaving most of the management of the Clan to Fireheart, and sometimes forgetting things about what is going on. After learning about Tigerclaw's treachery, she trusts only Fireheart and Whitestorm. Whitestorm tells Fireheart that Brindleface thinks her two kits are ready to be warriors, and that maybe good news could cheer Bluestar up, but the leader becomes furious at Fireheart when he says that there are no warriors in the camp, making a rule that there should be at least three warriors in the camp at all times. Bluestar announces Fireheart's requests as mentors of Brindleface's kits, Dustpelt mentoring Ashpaw, and Darkstripe mentoring Fernpaw.
When trying to travel to Highstones to speak with StarClan, Bluestar smells RiverClan cats, and Fireheart thinks she's hoping she'll see her kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. They are stopped by a WindClan patrol led by Mudclaw on the way to Highstones and forced to return. She begins to think that StarClan does not want her to speak with them.
When Bluestar tells Fireheart to gather all the warriors to come to the Gathering, Fireheart asks who they should take, and Bluestar lists the names easily, leaving out Cloudpaw and including Ashpaw. When Mousefur asks Bluestar what they are going to say about WindClan not allowing her to go to the Moonstone, she tells her that she will say nothing and that WindClan knows what they did wrong. Sandstorm tells Fireheart that Bluestar seemingly changed since Tigerclaw's attack with the rogues, and Fireheart agrees with her, but tells that Bluestar is still the same. When everyone at the Gathering wants to know what happened to Tigerclaw, Bluestar tells them that it is none of their business and that it only concerns ThunderClan.
When the ThunderClan cats find Littlecloud and Whitethroat on ThunderClan territory, Bluestar finds out that Nightstar is sick, despite seeming fine last night at the Gathering. Bluestar agrees with Yellowfang to send the cats back to ShadowClan and instructs Fireheart to do so.
When there is a fire in the forest near ThunderClan's camp, Bluestar helps get the cats out, being more alert than usual. When all of ThunderClan is sheltering with RiverClan, she decides that StarClan has turned their backs on her and declares war against her warrior ancestors.
A Dangerous Path
Bluestar goes through a huge depression, caused by Tigerclaw's treachery and StarClan not helping ThunderClan. She only trusts Whitestorm and Fireheart, and she is told by Fireheart that Tigerclaw, now Tigerstar, is the new leader of ShadowClan. Bluestar has now grown to loathe StarClan, believing that they have betrayed her.
She believes that WindClan is stealing prey from ThunderClan, when in reality the evidence shows that it is a dog, and prepares to launch an attack on them. Fireheart travels to WindClan to set up a peace meeting in an attempt to avert an inter-Clan war. He manages to prevent the battle, but Bluestar is disappointed in him.
When Bluestar leads a patrol past Sunningrocks, they are attacked by a RiverClan patrol. She is attacked by her own kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur, and Fireheart stops them by revealing to them that Bluestar is their mother. She also allows Graystripe to rejoin ThunderClan after he is banished from RiverClan for warning Fireheart.
She disappears from camp without warning any of her Clan, and travels to Mothermouth to share tongues with StarClan. They warn her of the "pack," saying that "it will bring more death and destruction than the forest has ever seen before."
She portrays her hatred of StarClan to her own Clan by giving only Cloudpaw his warrior name, Cloudtail; she does this because of his belief that StarClan does not exist, and also because she only trusts Fireheart, therefore she thinks his apprentice is the only one that deserves to become a warrior. This causes Swiftpaw and Brightpaw, the two older apprentices who Bluestar has neglected, to travel to Snakerocks in hope of discovering what has been stealing ThunderClan prey, all in attempts to impress Bluestar. They are brutally attacked by dogs, and Swiftpaw dies. Brightpaw barely manages to survive, but with a gruesome scar on her face. Bluestar gives the dying warrior ceremony to Brightpaw, naming her Lostface.
Fireheart comes up with a plan to rid ThunderClan of the Snakerocks menace, which turns out to be a pack of dogs which are fed by Tigerstar. When Tigerstar pins Fireheart down so that the lead dog could catch up to him, Fireheart is saved by Bluestar, who cannons into the lead dog's side, knocking the dog and herself off the side of the gorge and into the river, also giving up her ninth life to save her Clan. During her final conversation with Fireheart, she reveals to him that she helped defeating the dog pack because she knew StarClan and ThunderClan had not betrayed her. When she saw the Clan working together to drive off the dogs, she realized that none of her Clanmates were traitors, and she could not leave the Clan she loved so much to face the danger alone. She is also forgiven by Mistyfoot and Stonefur, who accept her as their mother. She shares tongues with them for the first and last time. She dies naming Fireheart leader, and tells him that when she saw him leading the cats into the gorge, she knew StarClan had not abandoned her. She tells Fireheart that he is the fire that would save the Clan.
The Darkest Hour
Fireheart lets Stonefur and Mistyfoot say goodbye to their mother before they return back to RiverClan. Whitestorm apologizes to Fireheart for not watching Bluestar, claiming that it was his fault that Bluestar had died, but he told Whitestorm there was no need for an apology. Fireheart tells the Clan all about Bluestar and her secret past. Cinderpelt talks about Bluestar during her burial ceremony, and she says that Bluestar was a noble leader. When Fireheart sits next to Bluestar's body, he feels security, like a kit with his mother.
When Fireheart is receiving his nine lives, Bluestar gives Fireheart his ninth and final life, along with the gifts of nobility, certainty, and faith, and his leader name, Firestar. She then gives him the book's main prophecy: "Four will become two, Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and Blood will rule the forest."
During the battle with BloodClan at Fourtrees, she also explains that his body needs to recover from the loss of his first life before he can rejoin the battle. She tells him that there will always be five Clans in the forest, and that she will go back with him in the battle.
In the New Prophecy Arc
In the prologue, Bluestar, as a StarClan warrior, chooses the ThunderClan representative to go to the sun-drown-place. She also challenges her mate Oakheart when he chooses Feathertail to go on the journey, and he says asks her if she thinks Feathertail was not mentored well, because Feathertail was mentored by Mistyfoot, Bluestar's kit. When Nightstar chooses Tawnypelt, Bluestar says that she has strength and courage. But when Deadfoot chooses Crowpaw, Bluestar asks him if he wants to make another choice, but he dares any cat to say he's not worthy. When Bluestar asks if StarClan approves of Crowpaw because he is an apprentice, some cats agree, but most of them stay quiet about it.
She later appears to Brambleclaw in a dream, telling him of his fate; he needs to go with three other cats, Tawnypelt, Crowpaw, and Feathertail, to find a new territory for the Clans.
Bluestar is amongst those cats that meet with Midnight in the skies controlled by StarClan over their new territory. Bluestar tells Spottedleaf that they chose the four cats to lead the Clans out of the forest, well. When Oakheart says that trouble comes from Twolegs, Bluestar says that they both know that not just Twolegs cause problems, but also the Clans themselves. She is the first to welcome Midnight, and she tells her that StarClan owes her thanks. She states that every loyal warrior wants what is best for their Clan.
When Yellowfang says she sees dark times ahead, Bluestar asks her what she means. She cautions Spottedleaf against looking too hard for the future of cats because she "of all cats should know that sometimes there is nothing we can do." When Spottedleaf says she would use all the power in StarClan to protect Firestar, Bluestar says that even that wouldn't be enough. She tells Midnight that StarClan is not her place, and that she may meet her once more, but clouded times are coming.
Bluestar is amongst the StarClan warriors at the Moonpool that tell the ThunderClan medicine cat, Cinderpelt, that she will be joining StarClan very soon. Bluestar tells her that she has served her Clan more faithfully than some cats can in their lifetime, and that it might not seem fair if they take her away. When Cinderpelt tells Bluestar there's no need to apologize, she says that there is because of how much her Clan owes her. Nightstar tells Cinderpelt that they wish they could change it, but Bluestar says that some destinies StarClan can't control, no matter how much they want to. When Cinderpelt wants to know when she will die, Bluestar says that she don't even know when, but they will be waiting for her when the time comes. She tells Cinderpelt that the strength of StarClan will be with her and they wouldn't let her face this alone. She says it hurts them all when a young cat has to go to StarClan, and she knows Cinderpelt would have continued serving her Clan for many more seasons. Bluestar tells Cinderpelt before she goes that they will always be with her. Later on, during a badger attack on ThunderClan, Cinderpelt dies defending the nursery and Sorreltail, who is giving birth to her first litter of kits.
Bluestar, Yellowfang, and Lionheart tell the new ThunderClan medicine cat, Leafpool, that she will walk a path that few medicine cats have walked before. Leafpool asks Bluestar about three bright stars that she sees very often in the sky, but does not recognize, but Bluestar ignores her. When Leafpool asks her if she had a prophecy for her, Bluestar tells that her life was going to twist in ways hidden to her. Bluestar informs her that these stars are of cats she has not met yet, but will shape her future when she does meet them. She tells Leafpool that StarClan will always be with her, and that her path will vanish into shadow, but they will be with her every pawstep of the way. When Leafpool visits the Moonpool, Bluestar welcomes her as the new medicine cat of ThunderClan. Leafpool searches for Cinderpelt, but when she asks Bluestar where she is, Bluestar is fading away, along with the other StarClan cats.
In the Power of Three Arc
The Sight
When Leafpool appears at the Moonpool, Bluestar welcomes her, and tells her that they had a feeling she would come. Bluestar asks Leafpool if she came with good news, and she says that Graystripe was back.
When Tallstar says that Firestar would choose the warrior that knows the Clan best, Bluestar says that would be a tough decision, one that no other leader has decided before. Lionheart tells Bluestar that they should have seen that Graystripe was still alive, and told Leafpool, but Bluestar says that he was too far away for them to see him. She tells Leafpool that Brambleclaw has done well as deputy, and that Firestar would had been foolish if he had gone without a deputy. Bluestar gives Leafpool a message to tell Firestar on the matter of Graystripe or Brambleclaw being ThunderClan's deputy. She says that Firestar needs to use his head, not his heart, in his decision. With help of Jaypaw deciphering, Firestar chooses Brambleclaw to remain the deputy of ThunderClan.
Bluestar is seen talking to Whitestorm, Spottedleaf, and Yellowfang about the prophecy of Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw. Spottedleaf asks Whitestorm if Bluestar was with him, and he said she was a minute ago. Then, Bluestar enters telling them all that she would've came sooner if Tallstar wasn't fretting and had stopped her. She teases Yellowfang by saying, "Bad luck, I didn't think there were any fleas here," when she was looking at Yellowfang's flea-bitten nose. She tells them all that Tallstar was worrying over Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw, and that the prophecy has gotten under his pelt like a tick. Bluestar starts arguing with Yellowfang over whether to tell Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw the truth. Bluestar thinks it should be kept a secret, but Yellowfang thinks they should tell them. After a while, Bluestar starts to leave and tells Spottedleaf that if she stays any longer that her and Yellowfang will argue. Bluestar says that she understands Yellowfang's fears, but for now, they were to keep it a secret. Yellowfang growls under her breath that Bluestar is stubborn.
Long Shadows
Bluestar is seen among StarClan by Jaypaw, furious that greencough might destroy her Clan. She respectively greets Brightspirit when she bursts into the clearing, saying it has been a long time since they've met.
Yellowfang attacks Bluestar, angry that she did not tell the truth to the Clans. Bluestar asks Yellowfang what her problem is and reminds her that she was her leader. When Yellowfang says more blood will be shed on ThunderClan, Bluestar tells her she doesn't know that. After the fight, Bluestar tells her that the damage is done, and it's not her fault. She couldn't believe that Midnight betrayed them, because she thought she was going to watch over the Clans. When Yellowfang asks Bluestar if they were wrong about the Three, she yowls her disagreement and that she didn't want to lie. She thought Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight were good parents, and telling the truth would not have helped, but Yellowfang says that Bluestar had destroyed the Clan she had always tried to protect.
In the Omen of the Stars Arc
The Fourth Apprentice
Bluestar joins with three other cats in StarClan to discuss what to do about the one cat in the prophecy. Irritably shaking one of her forepaws, Bluestar asks why they all had to meet at the waterfall, complaining that it was too noisy and too wet. Yellowfang tells her former leader to stop complaining and that she chose the meeting place because it was noisy and wet. Lionheart invites Bluestar to sit by him and she seats herself with a sniff of contempt. Bluestar tells him that if it was dry, she would be a mouse. She asks Yellowfang what she wants. After Yellowfang explains the purpose of the meeting, Bluestar sharply asks if they are certain that they have the right Three this time. When Spottedleaf says that she knows that they are the Three and that they had the same dream the night the One was born, Bluestar says that she may be right, but so much has gone on that some things change. She is against Yellowfang regarding the plan of sending the One a sign to tell her that she is part of the prophecy. Lionheart interrupts her by telling her that she needs to have faith in the cats. She tells them that they had thought Hollyleaf was good and loyal, but that she had turned out the opposite in the end.
When Feathertail enters, Bluestar asks her what she is doing, and demands if she is spying on them. When Yellowfang says in the end, kits would go their own way to Feathertail, Bluestar says all cats do it. As Lionheart returns to conversation focus, Bluestar says that the One was already strong and clever, even without knowing the special power. After Lionheart mentions that if StarClan had meddled more, Hollyleaf might not have been lost, Bluestar's neck fur bristles as she tells the cats that the Clans had to live their own lives. She is outvoted by the other cats about sending the sign, and then asks Yellowfang who she will send it to out of Jayfeather and Lionblaze. Yellowfang responds that she will not send it to either one of them, but send it to the third cat.
Night Whispers
Bluestar is seen in the prologue. She is conversing with Yellowfang, Sagewhisker, Fernshade, Lionheart, Mudfur, Oakheart and Mudclaw about the battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan. She reminds the cats that it is not the Clans' battling that they should be worrying about, but the Dark Forest, and says that Tigerstar has never understood anything but violence.
The Forgotten Warrior
When Jayfeather tries to sneak up on Ashfur, Bluestar leaps down from a branch above him, saying that she doesn't think that's a good idea. Jayfeather explains his reasoning for wanting to talk to him, and Bluestar remarks that he's kept the secrets about the murderer of Ashfur. Jayfeather retorts that she's his sister. Bluestar rests her tail on his shoulders, saying he won't learn anything from talking to Ashfur. He knows who killed him, and it is not StarClan's place to judge him. If he found his way to StarClan, he deserves to be here. Jayfeather shakes his head, saying he doesn't understand, but Bluestar wisely states that some things are beyond understanding. Jayfeather finally says that he doesn't know if Hollyleaf deserves to be back, and Bluestar replies that it is not his decision. Hollyleaf and Ashfur paid a high price for what they did. Perhaps justice has now been served.
The Last Hope
Bluestar is seen in the prologue, being warmly greeted by Half Moon. When she settles herself and Spottedleaf beside the four Ancients, Bluestar curls her tail over paws, and solemnly says that they have come to prepare for the end. When Owl Feather narrows her eyes and suspiciously asked if they would believe what the Ancients would say, Spottedleaf jumps to Bluestar's defense, arguing that her leader had always believed, but others needed convincing. Eyes glistening, Bluestar says that the Clans would make their own choices and that there was nothing more she could do. When Slant leans closer and asks Bluestar if the prophecies helped, Bluestar glances at her medicine cat, agreeing that they did and Spottedleaf had recognized the flaming star that led her to Firestar. As Slant asks if the Clans would fight alone in the final battle, Bluestar's tail thrashed, vowing that she would die a tenth time to defend ThunderClan.
Bluestar is seen in StarClan, eating a vole in the shade of a wilting juniper. She looks up in surprise when she sees Jayfeather, Whitestorm, Goosefeather, and Sunstar, and asks where they're going. Jayfeather simply replies, for him to wait and see. Bluestar pushes past Sunstar later in the united StarClan, correcting him by saying, now there are four in the prophecy. Bluestar also states that they aren't the only cats guided by a prophecy, and mentions the fire will save the Clan prophecy. After Mosskit asks Jayfeather why he took them to the terrible Dark Forest cats, Bluestar comforts the kit by reminding her that they have to know the enemy. When Jayfeather demands StarClan to fight together, Bluestar reasons that they can't fight such cruelty while divided.
After Firestar is killed, Brambleclaw sees Bluestar under thorns, and beckons her out. Bluestar comes out with Redtail, Silverstream, Brindleface, Swiftpaw, and Yellowfang following. Runningwind and Lionheart join them. Bluestar steps forward, stating that Spottedleaf isn't with StarClan, but gave Firestar a life for love. Bluestar continues, meowing that she gave him a life for nobility, even though he was born with more nobility than any warrior she ever knew. Bluestar talks about the two prophecies Firestar takes part in, and says that he left ThunderClan in the paws of a new leader. She tells Brambleclaw if he has half the courage and loyalty of Firestar, he'll be a fine leader of ThunderClan.
{According to the books}
Character; Wise - Soft - Caring - true Leader
Looks; So grey that it looks Blue, with Blue eyes.

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